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Copyrap Golf Tournament in Royal Guadalhorce Golf Club


The day dawned splendidly, as our Malaga, City of Paradise has accustomed us, one of the best places in the world to practice Golf . It is not for nothing that our coast is known as the Costa del Golf , and yesterday as many other days, did not disappoint. The participants were arriving in time to enjoy a magnificent day of golf competing in the IV Golf Copyrap Tournament .

Copyrap IV Toneo de Golf y Málaga Custom Golf

Cedecom recording with the Custom Golf Club by MCG


The day was developing as planned and in Malaga Custom Golf we had the opportunity to meet Ignacio Gallego , CEO of Cedecom, one of the friends and sponsors of Copyrap  in the Tournament. They were taking care of the video of the event and we were able to live live as they were capturing different moments of the tournament. We loved seeing the enthusiasm they have for what they do and their high degree of professionalism . Don’t forget to visit their website and know their work!

Copyrap IV Toneo de Golf y Málaga Custom Golf

Award ceremony and party


Once the tournament finished, the participants and other guests gathered around the courtyard for the awards ceremony. One by one Juan de Dios Carballo, Emilio Escobedo and Pablo García were delivering the prizes for each of the modalities for which they competed. Between laughter and applause we all enjoyed the moment, yes, without losing sight of the magnificent ham that Jamones Salamanca He had us ready for the cocktail.

Once all the prizes were awarded, the cocktail was started where we could taste the tapas and appetizers together with the ham. Special mention to the cutter who patiently endured the jokes and laughs of the tail while cutting without stopping. The party was extended and we all enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere among friends.

Undoubtedly the Tournament that Copyrap organized in the Real Guadalhorce Golf Club continues to grow and show that when things are done well success is assured. We are sure that all partners and participants enjoyed the event just like us and that next year they will repeat to spend a couple of days enjoying their favorite sport in the company of friends .

Copyrap IV Torneo de Golf y Málaga Custom Golf

Good Job!


We say goodbye with the pleasant feeling of the work well done and having made known our Custom Golf Clubs to many of the participants of the Copyrap Tournament > and members of the Real Guadalhorce Golf Club. They were all delighted to see how the Copyrap Stick was left and was later handed out as one of the Tournament prizes. Without further ado we invite you to contact with us if you have any questions and so we can offer you our work so you can play with some clubs only and leave everyone with their mouths open. Thank you very much for reading and don’t stop following us !!

Copyrap IV Toneo de Golf y Málaga Custom Golf

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